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Halal Tourism

We give travelers innovative tools that keep them safe & productive. We endow tremendous travel services to both individuals & group of customers with special offers to corporate clients also. We give elevated standard of services & travel packages.

Many hotels around the world offer halal dining. We help you in finding the best suitable halal food for you.

Many of our resorts provide an excellent setting for families with children to spend their holiday together in a calm setting. We have wonderful resorts with pools, spas, and beaches that are isolated for women or families. Relax in a secure and tranquil setting.

We also assist you in locating alcohol-free hotels based on your preferences.

When we go back in time, Muslim travellers had very few alternatives for vacations or trips overseas, other than visiting their relative's home or making a pilgrimage to Mecca, or visiting shrines. Travel ambitions of the younger generation, particularly millennial, are evolving widely, owing in part to their increasingly adventurous way of life. Moreover, the use of social media is increasing their hunger for adventure, wanting to explore the globe, taking time away from work, with necessary cash, to expand out and go to more amazing international destinations.

Halal tourism has become a new trend in global world, which is motivated by the increasing number of Muslim visitors, and continue to increase every year. Currently this sector has now become a necessity for Muslim and non-Muslim countries. Now when someone talks about halal, it does not refer only to food, but also all matters of daily life. As, a Muslim is obliged to ensure the legal status of any food before eating it. Likewise, if he wants to travel, halal tourism is a tour that permitted by sharia to be visited while forbidden tourism is unlawful.

Our goal is to create a global halal travel services platform that connects halal-conscious travellers with travel, food, and accommodation. You may select accommodations globally based on your halal needs, and you can manage your reservations. ManageMy Vacations assists you in offering Halal food, alcohol-free zones, and Ladies Privacy as needed. In locations where entirely halal-friendly hotels are not accessible, our system helps halal-conscious travellers in finding lodging based on the degree of halal friendliness.

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